Help against the Cold

Winter reigns in the Kurdistan refugee camps. Especially the children suffer, whose winter equipment is completely inadequate. There is a lack of blankets, warm winter clothing and even kerosene for the small ovens.

As recently in January, Wings of Help had carried out another transport and has now continued this aid. After nine days and close to 5,000kilometers, a truck with 12,000 blankets has arrived in Erbil. In the recent days, employees of the organization have issued the blankets to the freezing refugees.

Accompanying the winter aid, Wings of Help has also continued its efforts to improve the education of the children. The organization has already set up computer schools in three of the refugee camps and will continue that aid all over the world.

Wings of Help has already installed computer schools in Myanmar, Nepal, Russia, Puerto Rico and Romania.

In addition, it is planned to equip the refugees among the students of the University of Erbil with computers. In particular, the courses of medicine and engineering are to be considered. The educational commitment of Wings of Help operates under the motto “Education is the Future.”