Living among sacks, rags and tarps

Chios August 2018 and no hope!

The Greek State Ministry publishes daily numbers of new refugees who crossed the waters arriving on the various islands. Since the EU / Turkey pact in 2016 the refugees are being held in hotspots.
If their petition for asylum receives a negative response, they are being transported back to Turkey. Within the islands there are about 18 000 refugees awaiting results of their paperwork, there are over 40 000 more on the Mainland of Greece.

It is for all those that Wings of Help will still send more aid transports in the near future.
There are about 2090 people living in the hotspot of Chios, while the camp was planned and constructed for maximum 1000 refugees. The camp does not have enough containers for so many people. A great number of refugees squat under rags, tarps and sacks filling any little gap in the container village.

On August 02nd, Wings of Help sends the first of several more trailer trucks of relief supplies. On board is baby food, diapers, clothing and blankets also wheelchairs.
In cooperation with the local authorities and another local NGO Wings of Help is again installing a computer school in the camp in Chios.
It will be used by young refugees and also by local pupils for their learning, encouraged by the favorable responses by the computer school installed in Iraq last month Wings of Help will continue this project.

“Education is for a good future – Knowledge for a sustaining success!”

Wings of Help spans its wings all across the globe, to help people in need. Our agenda is to help those who suffer after natural or humanitarian catastrophes, as well as transport people with medical emergencies from all over the world for medical treatment in Germany.