Kurdistan’s government receives delegation from Luftfahrt ohne Grenzen/Wings of Help and Big City Beats

Kurdistan’s government receives delegation from Luftfahrt ohne Grenzen/Wings of Help and Big City Beats

Prime Minister Barzani thanked the organization for its long-standing humanitarian aid for the needy people in Northern Iraq

The leadership of the Autonomous Region of Kurdistan expressly thanked the Frankfurt aid organization Luftfahrt ohne Grenzen / Wings of Help e.V. (LOG / WOH) and the media entrepreneur Bernd Breiter at a reception in the capital Erbil for the longstanding humanitarian aid for the people in northern Iraq. The Prime Minister of the Autonomous Region of Kurdistan, His Excellency Masrur Barzani, received a delegation from LOG / WOH in his seat of government, which consisted of Frank Franke (LOG President) and the Frankfurt media and event entrepreneur and LOG member Bernd Breiter. At the reception in Erbil, the Kurdish Prime Minister paid tribute to the German aid organization’s long-standing, high level of commitment to the large number of refugees in the camps in the north of the country. The Kurdish Prime Minister found Bernd Breiter’s idea to combine humanitarian aid with the “Big City Beats Space Club Kitchen” event and to underline the solidarity of all people – especially after the pandemic – as outstanding. At the “Big City Beats Space Club Kitchen” in February 2022, kitchens and hotspots around the world will connect with the international space station ISS in order to cook a meal together at the same time. It will be the first international and orbital event in which the earth feeds together at a global table.

Shortly before, LOG / WOH set up a third computer school in the Autonomous Region of Kurdistan. The school is part of the LOG / WOH program “Education is Future”, which the aid organization has introduced for the needy in twelve countries over the past few years. It should give people, like here in the Kurdish camp Khanke (picture) not far from the city of Erbil, new perspectives, enable training and participate in scientific teaching programs even at universities such as the University of Dohuk and Erbil. In the Hasan Sham and Khanke camps, Frank Franke and Bernd Breiter were convinced of the refugees’ situation and of their great need. With the support of Bernd Breiter, a large number of warm clothes could be handed over for the coming cold months. In addition, Bernd Breiter handed over new instruments to the music school in the Barsima warehouse.