After the devastating forest fires:  Greek family receives help from Germany

After the devastating forest fires: Greek family receives help from Germany

Luftfahrt ohne Grenzen / Wings of Help from Frankfurt / Main supports family near Athens who lost their existence in the fire


The heat wave that hit Greece in July and burned 116,000 hectares of forest in wildfires is still wreaking havoc. This is also the case with the Katsos family not far from Athens in the Varympompi region, who lost their entire existence as a result of the roller of fire. While no aid was promised, the Frankfurt aid organization Luftfahrt ohne Grenzen / Wings of Help e.V. (LOG / WOH) has now taken the initiative and helped directly on site. The family received, among other things, a power generator that is used to rebuild the family’s burned down house. LOG / WOH delivered urgently needed relief supplies to the region immediately after the fires in the summer. LOG / WOH is working on site with the humanitarian aid organization “The Smile of The Child”, the largest organization of its kind in Greece, which has now existed for 25 years.


Frank Franke, President of LOG / WOH said on site: “We have been cooperating with The Smile of the Child for many years and, with the help of our strong partner, have been able to alleviate a lot of suffering in the country – for example in the refugee camps on the islands and on the mainland . The region hit by the fires was very close to our hearts and we returned now, warmly welcomed by the Katsos family in front of their small chapel. They built it once in their garden near the edge of the forest and, like a miracle, it survived the terrible fire without any damage.” Costas Yannopoulos, President of The Smile of the Child, met the Katsos family and Frank Franke on site, handing over the power generator together with LOG / WOH (picture) and visited the completely intact St. Eleftherios Chapel: “It is a good example that even the worst catastrophes cannot destroy hope. The common commitment also contains the unmistakable sign that there is always help that encourages us all to continue to take life decisively into our own hands. “