Truck transport from Germany with urgently needed relief supplies to the small town of Buzias

A large transport with urgently needed aids has just reached the children’s home of the Cristian Serban Foundation in the small Romanian town of Buzias. It was compiled by Luftfahrt ohne Grenzen / Wings of Help e.V. (LOG). The humanitarian aid organization based in Frankfurt am Main has been taking care of three special facilities for children in the Romanian cities of Timisoara and Buzias for over ten years. This time LOG brought diapers, baby food, children’s clothing, masks against Covid-19 and toys to the home of the Serban Foundation in Buzias. The house bears the name of Cristian Serban, who died in a tragic accident and whose parents founded the facility in honor of their son.

Frank Franke, LOG President – here in front of a sculpture by Cristian Serban at the entrance to the home: “Many children in Romania eke out their lives in poverty and deprivation. The long-term help from LOG goes to Romanian institutions with a total of several hundred sick and disabled children who suffer from hemophilia, diabetes or malnutrition. They all receive medical help and guidance on how to return to a normal life despite their illness. These children are very important to LOG and we are pleased that we regularly find committed supporters for this important LOG project in Germany. “

LOG is working on this project with the Bavarian Children’s Aid Romania e.V. The association has been organizing aid transports to institutions for needy children in the Romanian cities of Buzias and Pastraveni for over 30 years and also bears the transport costs for this special aid bridge between Germany and Romania.