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Aid organization: Better managing internal migration in Ukraine

In the humanitarian distribution center “Owl`s Nest" in Uschgorod/Western Ukraine with families upon the arrival of LOG/WoH relief goods. Orphans in Uschgorod are happy to receive gifts.

“More effective care for the five million internally displaced people in the country is essential” – How Luftfahrt ohne Grenzen/Wings of Help e.V. also wants to decrease the costs for Germany

Luftfahrt ohne Grenzen/Wings of Help (LOG/WoH) is one of the few humanitarian organizations that has been organizing truck convoys to Ukraine with regular aid deliveries since the start of the war in 2022 until today. They bring clothing, food, pharmaceuticals and even a mobile hospital into the country, which, according to reliable Western calculations, is about 15 percent occupied by Russia. The situation in Ukraine itself has now changed noticeably for LOG/WoH: The organization based at Frankfurt Airport is increasingly providing care for internally displaced people. Around five million Ukrainians and their families have left the eastern part of the country and are now living in alternative accommodation in western Ukraine, relying on aid supplies from Western Europe. Reason: The Ukrainian state only helps internally displaced people from the eastern provinces with the equivalent of 60 euros per month. In comparison, the German state pays almost 100 times more per month for each migrant from Ukraine when all benefits are added together.

The executive board of LOG/WoH with Frank Franke and Ralf Bülter has just personally accompanied another aid delivery to Uschgorod, consisting of five semi-trailers (including two trucks with child food). The Presidium urgently recommends “to decrease containing the clearly visible flow of refugees from the country to Germany by essentially and better managing the growing number of internal refugees who ultimately want to stay in their homeland. This has to be done by the Ukrainian state and must also provide immediate financial help to the millions of people on the run.” At the same time, LOG/WoH as a humanitarian organization wants to do everything it can to provide mothers and children in particular with the most important things for life. To this end, LOG/WoH has now sent 17 convoys with over 120 trucks, delivery vans and truck-trailers with 3,000 tons of goods to Ukraine – as of May 2024. LOG/WoH is continuing this unique aid bridge, which is supported by committed companies in Germany and private individuals, unabated this year.

LOG/WoH remembers Bill Anders

Apollo 8 astronaut and photographer was familiar with our organization

At the age of 90, William Anders had a fatal accident in his own small plane over the west coast of the USA. Bill Anders, who was familiar with the humanitarian work of Luftfahrt ohne Grenzen/Wings of Help and had repeatedly met with representatives from the LOG/WoH presidium and board in recent years, became known not only as a crew member of the three-person Apollo 8 mission to the moon in 1968, but also as a photographer who took what is probably the most famous photo of our earth: “Earthrise" is the title NASA gave to the image that showed our blue planet as a blue glowing ball above the nearby lunar surface. The image of “Earthrise" was taken on Christmas Eve 1968. The Apollo 8 mission was actually supposed to take photos of the moon. Bill Anders: “We flew there to discover the moon. What we have really discovered is the Earth." NASA commented: “Bill Anders has given humanity one of the most profound gifts an astronaut can give." LOG/WoH was able to photograph Bill Anders in his single-engine plane near Seattle a few years ago. We would also like to remind all our supporters of his iconic image on any given occasion.

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