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There is still a lot to do in the Ahr Valley

 Luftfahrt ohne Grenzen/Wing of Help e.V. and Deutsche Vermögensberatung AG present special trailers for severe weather operations 

The storm container trailer being handed over in Bad Bodendorf.

Many people in the Ahr River Valley are still suffering from the damage caused by the devastating flood disaster of 2021: especially in the upper part of the approximately 100 kilometre long valley in places like Mayschoss, people are fighting for better living conditions – always in the hope that a terrible natural event will like in July 2021 will not occur anymore, which claimed 135 lives. The residents want to be prepared in any event and are grateful for any preventative help. This also applies to a new special container that the fire department in Bad Bodendorf now has. It was donated by Luftfahrt ohne Grenzen/Wings of Help and Deutsche Vermögensberatung AG (DVAG). The container serves as a trailer for aid logistics in the event of disasters and contains devices for immediate life-saving on site. The fire departments in the Ahr Valley had made LOG/WoH aware of such a new developed trailer for their vehicles to protect the people in the valley. This was then purchased together with the DVAG and has now been handed over.


The efficient aid in the Ahr Valley immediately after the tsunami is closely linked to immediate humanitarian operations by LOG/WoH. LOG/WoH was on the road to the disaster area for months with a total of 18 commercial vehicles, including eleven trucks. Together with the fire departments in the Ahr Valley, a special distribution and loan system for delivered electrical equipment was set up. This meant that hundreds of pumps, drying devices, electric chisels, drills and other devices could be used multiple times. With the help of LOG/WoH, the fire department had established a rental system from which many individual families benefited through multiple use of equipment. 

LOG/WoH appoints two new board members

Professor Dr. Hauke Lang for medical matters and Jürgen Wingenfeld for finance were unanimously elected

Luftfahrt ohne grenzen/Wings of Help (LOG/WoH) e.V. is heading into the next few years with two new board members: At the most recent general meeting of LOG/WoH in the organization's premises in the Cargo City South of Frankfurt Airport, Professor Dr. Hauke Lang was appointed for medical advices and Jürgen Wingenfeld were unanimously elected for the finance department. At their sides as co-optive board members are Dr. Markus Schmitt (Medicine) and Rolf Geyer (Finance). Professor Hauke Lang is director of the Clinic for General, Visceral and Transplantation Surgery at the University Medical Center at Johannes Gutenberg University in Mainz. He has held several leadership positions in global committees, most recently as President of the German Society for Surgery. Jürgen Wingenfeld is a management consultant for small and medium-sized companies with a focus on financial accounting, financing and public funding. He comes from banking and accounting and sees LOG/WoH as an excellent organization for efficiently helping people in need.

President Frank Franke and Vice President Ralf Bülter reported on current and past LOG/WoH operations. The great commitment to the people of Ukraine is reflected in the 15 truck convoys that LOG/WoH organized for the country during the war and for the refugees in the camps along the border in Romania. Over 3,000 tons of relief goods were delivered to those in need. In addition to children's food, clothing, hygiene and pharmaceutical items, also toys and technical equipment has been delivered. Other projects were also continued. For example, the “Education is Future” program, which provides young people with learning computers in schools - including in refugee camps in northern Iraq or in needy places in Greece. For the North Macedonia region with the district town of Kicevo, LOG/WoH organized an ambulance for a hospital that basically lacks all medical equipment. LOG/WoH supported the earthquake region in southeast Turkey with large tents and warm sleeping bags.

The auditors from the Rausch law and firm provide a certificate of solid finances. Tim Schlosser from the law firm showed with corresponding charts that for every 100 euros of donations received, 90 euros go directly to people in need. 10 euros are used for the project implementation and the management of LOG/WoH - an extremely attractive cost/benefit ratio that is only possible through the strong commitment of volunteers who make their knowledge and working time available free of charge.

After the board election, Vice President Ralf Bülter, Jürgen Wingenfeld (Chief Financial Officer), President Frank Franke and Professor Hauke Lang (Chief Medical Officer)

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