Mobile hospital for eastern Ukraine

Mobile hospital for eastern Ukraine

Luftfahrt ohne Grenzen/Wings of Help brings hospital beds and medical equipment to industrial city of Dnipro – In memory of killed Ukrainian writer Victoria Amelina

A truck convoy to Ukraine, which is supposed to bring hope, is also dedicated to a sad occasion: four heavy lorries with equipment for a mobile hospital have left Germany for eastern Ukraine, where the relief supplies are urgently awaited in the industrial city of Dnipro. Luftfahrt ohne Grenzen/Wings of Help (LOG/WoH) has sent its tenth convoy to Ukraine loaded with hospital beds, special mattresses, medical equipment, mobile chairs, walking aids, bath lifts and much more. The goods are used in an empty school in Dnipro for patient care and can also be used flexibly as a mobile hospital. The extensive project is supported, among others, by the Romanian Rotary Club in Baia Mare 2005, which is involved in the onward transport to the Ukraine.

The convoy from Frankfurt am Main also loaded other trucks with supplies for the flood-affected region around the destroyed dam in Kachowka: technical devices such as power generators and sludge water pumps were just as important as drinking water for the local population. Beforehand, the LOG/WoH team brought urgently needed aid material to Muchketschevo in the far west of Ukraine: baby food, hygiene products and more serve the daily life in an orphanage, which LOG/WoH had become aware of since the beginning of the Ukraine missions.

The convoy, which is also documented by the banners on the trucks, is dedicated to the killed Ukrainian writer Victoria Amelina. She was killed along with 12 foreign journalists and authors in a Russian rocket attack on a pizza restaurant in the city of Kramatorsk. Victoria Amelina, who also belongs to the Ukrainian PEN center, was particularly known for her children’s books, which were also translated into German. The writer died shortly after the attack in Mechnikov Hospital in Dnipro. Most recently she was working on a non-fiction book about the war, which will soon be published abroad.

LOG/WoH President Frank Franke: “The delivery of our mobile hospital and the death of Victoria Amelina coincide in time, which is why we dedicated our convoy specifically to commemorating this Ukrainian author and all other war victims. If we can help the people of the city of Dnipro with our facilities and equipment, then we will also do so in memory of Victoria Amelina, whose memory we honour as a closely linked humanitarian organization.”