Back from Aid Operations to the Bahamas

Back from Aid Operations to the Bahamas

The corona disaster with all its huge imponderables and the impact it has on daily life causes everyone to rethink their own situation: Where am I today, what are my risks, how well am I actually protected? An understandable attitude, not only of people in Europe shaken by Corona, but also in other regions of the world. In doing so, we should not lose sight of the terrible suffering that causes other disasters around us – be it man-made or nature.

While the corona virus keeps the world in suspense and suggests that humanitarian work has come to a standstill, the work continues with great commitment at Luftfahrt ohne Grenzen / Wings of Help e.V.: So a team from us has just returned from the Bahamas, where Hurricane “Dorian” destroyed almost 13,000 houses, home for 70,000 people, half a year ago. Little has happened there since autumn 2019, the damage is still immense (photo), the need for help, for example, for electricity generators remains high.

We were there again, despite the excruciatingly long, difficult flight conditions and, in addition to everyday goods, we also brought around 100 computers for three schools in the Grand Bahamas – an educational project in the Caribbean that we can rightly be proud of (photo).