20th anniversary with great appreciation for humanitarian work worldwide

20th anniversary with great appreciation for humanitarian work worldwide

Luftfahrt ohne Grenzen/Wings of Help e.V. had invited sponsors and friends from Germany and abroad to its headquarters at Frankfurt Airport

What was planned as an organization to help individuals in need has developed into a cross-border, recognized institution that is on hand for thousands of people: Within two decades Luftfahrt ohne Grenzen/Wings of Help e.V. (LOG/WoH) became an important institution, which was deployed in around 30 countries around the world during this time to provide help in the event of natural and man-made disasters: from tsunami areas to earthquake regions, from war-torn countries to the flood drama in the Ahr River Valley. Frank Franke, President of LOG/WoH and founder of the organization, briefly outlined the impressive history at the LOG/WoH headquarters on the Cargo City South site of Frankfurt Airport. This in the presence of supporters and sponsors, friends and long-term patrons, all of whom are convinced of the long-term work of LOG/WoH with great recognition. The organization as a large relay between producers in this country and people in need somewhere in the world – this concept requires one thing above all: logistics developed over years, which LOG/WoH above all can offer in terms of efficiency. After all: In 20 years, LOG/WoH brought over 7000 tons of relief supplies to affected people all over the world – from warm blankets and clothing, tents, food, electrical equipment to medicines. All assignments were and are personally accompanied by LOG/WoH, non-governmental organizations take care of the on-site distribution in cooperation with the team from Frankfurt am Main that travels with them.

Executive Vice President Ralf Bülter outlined the future of LOG/WoH: It will remain a niche organization that will continue to work in a targeted and efficient manner and will become even more involved in global projects in cooperation with Aviation Sans Frontières (ASF International). ASF International is an association of ten similar aid organizations in Europe, the USA and Canada with the same name, which relies in particular on LOG/WoH and their strong logistics know-how. Secretary General of ASF International is Marie Luise Thüne, who is also a board member of LOG/WoH in Frankfurt and responsible for international relations. Bülter explained that LOG/WoH will use digitization much more in order to be able to get involved with individual projects faster and better. Together with Frank Franke, Bülter thanked Fraport AG in particular, which made the home base available to LOG/WoH directly on the flight environment at the pulse of the Main metropolis.” Air transport, with its large capacities and opportunities to reach people in need quickly, remains very important also in the future. The addition “Wings of Help” also emphasizes for the future that aviation is a main motto of LOG/who which reads: “Friends in need are friends indeed”.

As a gateway to the world, Frankfurt Airport has a long tradition of providing humanitarian aid from the air – since the airlift that the Allies set up for encircled Berlin after the 2nd World War,” said Axel Wintermeyer, head of the Hessian State Chancellery, in his welcoming message. “And Luftfahrt ohne Grenzen/Wings of Help continues this tradition to this day. We can rightly be proud of this remarkable civic commitment.”